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Live, interactive entertainment can often be the highlight of your corporate event or party. Talented artists bring an exhilarating performance to your program. From a casino night, to a beautiful aerial bartender, or a fire-eating stilt walker, your guests are sure to be mesmerized. Our entertainers engage your group, whether involving them in one of our variety of flash mobs or amazing them with our heart-pounding drum line. Applause Productions will manage your entire event with the highest quality entertainment, audio visual, lighting and décor options and commitment to outstanding customer service.

Applause Productions and Entertainment is the Southwest’s premier agency for stellar entertainment. With impeccable customer service and a combined 60 years of experience in the industry, our consultants can provide a seamless, total package of talent for your corporate event. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind, memorable, and invigorating entertainment, look no further than Applause.

Make your next virtual event one that will educate and entertain with unique, inspiring talent. Whether live or pre-recorded, we have several entertainment offerings that will inspire your attendees and make your virtual meeting one to remember. Whether magicians, comedians, musicians, or other customized options, we can bring the life to your next virtual event.

With the option of adding three horns to create an amazing 5-piece horn section, this newly expanded supergroup is a knockout for even the largest of events. Their show is an exciting combination of classic rock and R&B, Motown and disco, swing and standards, plus all the most up-to-date dance music, always performed in an entertaining way that is uniquely their own. They are flashy, energetic, fun, and guaranteed to make you want to dance all night long.

This stunning art form combines bottle and glass-ware juggling in a rhythmic pattern that is not only unusual, but fun and a great display of balance, movement and agility. It is a delight for audiences; entertaining and visually captivating.

This unusual display of entertainment allows your guests to witness a beautiful LED Glow in the dark dance performance, using hula hoops and illuminated materials. This mysterious art form will mesmerize your group, creating an enchanted presentation of lights, movement and sound and add a wow factor to your corporate event or special occasion.

Delight your audience with the interactive wit of these talented mimes. These performers can signature any corporate event by incorporating the brand name or trademark in their performance. Whether you need a unique addition to a corporate event or a unique and interactive splash of entertainment, this mime duo provides a fun and memorable experience.

This gifted tribute band is dedicated to accurately reproducing every detail of the famous vocal harmonies and music of the Beatles that will be enjoyed from the first song to the last. These talented musicians bring the sound of the Fab 4 to your event as audiences are treated to the extraordinary musical experience that allowed the Beatles to become one of the most popular bands of all time.

These gifted aerial artists bring stunning live entertainment to any corporate event or private party. Amaze your guests with a "chandelier bartender" or have them believing in the ability to defy gravity with a silk artist or swing acrobats. Your guests will be treated to talent they won't soon forget.

Corporate casino nights provided by Applause Productions are tops for interactive fun in Phoenix and the entire state. We provide the tables, dealers, chips, vouchers and raffle tickets. For the total package, we offer a corporate casino party with showgirls, a Vegas floor show, or one of our talented Elvis impersonators. We can help create a Las Vegas night to remember for everyone in attendance. You invite the guests and we bring the fun!

After a nearly 30-year history, this hard-working, homegrown band has earned the reputation as one of the premier country rock entertainment groups in the West and continues to keep their high standard. Their scope of performing ability is truly amazing. They can play just about anything, from Hank Williams to Pink Floyd to their original written songs.

Cirque is a kaleidoscope of unique circus and theatre styles in which characters work through mime, props, comedy and the flair of body configurations to communicate their art. These gifted entertainers use shapes, aerial apparatus, high wire, strength and contortion to delight audience of all ages.

Our Masquerade Ball captures the essence of the Renaissance Era with its Grand Masquerade opening and continues to delight with other artistic features including court jesters performing magic, juggling, and miming. This theme is very interactive with audience participation and a high-energy band or D.J. to keep the momentum moving. Your guests will have a unique and sophisticated experience they won’t soon forget.

From the time a precision drum line enters the performance area, your guests will know that they are in for a treat! These talented musicians display technical artistry and strong commitment to excellence in all areas of performance. Hire this group of percussionists for your next corporate event or special occasion.

This act is a brilliant display of strength, balance, and control as the body creates the artistic experience. This combination of agility, power, and passion becomes even more thrilling as the avant-garde musical accompaniment serves to highlight its uniqueness. A true cirque favorite for your corporate event or special occasion.

This Japanese Drumming ensemble brings excitement and intensity of sound that thrills your guests and brings an ancient culture from across the world to electrify your event.

You don't have to go to the YMCA to enjoy this vibrant, entertaining impersonator group. Enjoy the classic pop favorites of the early 80s with these authentic Village People impersonators. Guests will be so excited they'll command the dance floor. This is the perfect party starter for your next event.

We are proud to offer the most talented professional dancers in the Valley. Each has an extensive resume that includes training by masters in the field and national, even international, performing experience. Whether your event is large or small, the addition of any of our stylized dancers will bring the party alive.

Our ballet folklorico groups will add that special flavor of the Southwest. They come dressed in authentic ethnic attire and create an ambiance of the West that your guests will want to take home with them.... "Ole', y Viva la Musica!"

This exciting Mariachi band is the feminine counterpart to the beautiful southwest favorite. Our all female group goes toe to toe with the best of the Muchachos! Their look and sound is a delight, guaranteed to stir the passion in you.

One of our most popular shows, our beautiful Native American musical experience provides your event with that special something only the Southwest can deliver. The traditions and legends that have been passed down through the centuries are presented in colorful costumes, with the stories and songs of mother earth. Unique ceremonial dances, such as the hoop, shawl and the rain dances will mesmerize your group and leave a lasting impression.

Whether utilizing a single speed painter or trio of performers, our artists have entertained all over the world, at fundraisers, corporate gatherings, promotional events, private parties and awards ceremonies. This act is fast-paced and will produce a number of paintings that will delight and amaze attendees with a quick improvisational style. Additionally, the paintings that can be auctioned or given away at your event. These paintings are masterfully created with brooms, mops, hand painting, and are designed specifically for the purpose of the performance. This show is truly bigger than life.

These wildly popular entertainers are the perfect addition to your next 20s themed party or corporate event. From Charlie Chaplin to the Charleston, this Roaring 20's/Great Gatsby theme show not only engages the audience, but paints the picture of a time of “bathtub gin”, “Flapper Girls” and fun music. Included are a 3 to 6-piece band, dancers, and a lead singer whose engaging voice will take you on a trip to the past.

This artist is not only charismatic but has been dazzling audiences with his juggling, magic and illusions since 1980. His close-up magic and walk-around is unsurpassed and his fast-paced one-man show is always a crowd pleaser. He will ride a unicycle, completely blindfolded while juggling swords; he also performs skilled manipulation of steel rings, dramatically linked and unlinked. He can also perform a grand illusion show that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The string quartet adds elegance, grace, and beauty to any occasion and now it has a wow factor that you've never seen. These electric strings groups are guaranteed to entertain, engage, and excite the crowd at your next corporate or private event.

In the desert where palm trees and sunsets flourish, our authentic Polynesian Luau transports your guests to the islands. Exciting colorful dances are a visual delight, while the sounds of Polynesian drums provide the ambiance of the Pacific. Samoan, Hawaiian and Tahitian styles are featured throughout the review.

Guaranteed to bring out the wild side in all of us, these animal shows are sure to be what makes your next birthday party or corporate event soar. Choose from an addition of a sleek reptile or an intense exploration of flight by beautiful birds to make your even truly unique. Our professionals are perfect at interacting with children and adults of all ages to educate and entertain.

Delve into the cosmic wonders with Applause Productions' distinguished astronomers, renowned throughout Arizona. Combining academic excellence with hands-on field experience, they captivate guests in Phoenix, Tucson, or any locale in Arizona with enlightening discussions about the universe's vast expanse and mesmerizing stargazing sessions. Whether you're hosting a grand corporate gala or an intimate private celebration, let us infuse your event with the awe-inspiring marvels of the cosmos, guaranteeing a unique and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

With the addition of soft uplighting, pattern washes, intelligent lighting, themed lighting, full color digital gobo projection, full wall projection murals, or video mapping, your event will shine. Our audiovisual team creates a vision in light that breathes life, color, and creativity into your event. This technology can align with your theme, wedding or corporate event and utilizes the brilliance of 21st Century technology.

Enjoy one of our costumed balloon artists who have the artistic ability to create fun and exciting shapes of all kinds. Not only do these balloon twisters have technical skill, but also a warm and pleasing personality for your event. These entertainers are guaranteed to bring your party to life and smiles to the faces of your guests.

This artist is one of our many outstanding caricature artists. He not only captures the essence of the personality, but utilizes humorous anecdotes to further enhance the subject’s character. Media includes black/white and color.

Say howdy to your guests by bringing a the a bit of the Old West to your next party or event. There's no better way to celebrate entertainment in the Valley than by including one of these authentic cowboy acts. Your guests will believe they're experiencing high noon in an old 1880s Wild West town.

This dueling pianos show is a unique form of entertainment you can’t find anywhere else - music, comedy, and crowd interaction tailor-made for your audience. Our players adapt to crowds from ages 18 through 80 with any taste in music. More impressively, they can play for audiences with a mix of all ages. The two players work together to provide a high-energy show in which the audience is as much a part of the entertainment as are the performers.

Make your party a little more fun with the addition of one of our talented face painters. These artists are not only skilled, but also highly energetic and personable. They are the perfect extra something to add life and playfulness to your event, party or special get together.

Whether you need an exciting way to kick-off your next corporate meeting, add life to a teambuilding activity, or need the perfect unique flash mob marriage proposal, then hire Applause Productions to create a flash mob for your event. With great dancers, choreography, and experienced consultants waiting to transform your vision into a reality, hiring our flash mob experts is the best way to add a pop of interactive entertainment to your event.

People have been intrigued with fire since time began and the infatuation continues today. When you add this visual art form to your event or even make the Fire Performance the main event, your guests will stare in wonder at the creativity before them. These artists are the best in the Valley. Their credits include many national and international corporations. Whether these artists are fire breathing, dancing, or eating, we will bring a presentation of raw light in concert.

Enhance your next themed event with the addition of a fortune teller or mystic. These unique and memorable entertainers can read palms, utilize the tarot or crystal ball for a fun filled indescribable evening. They are the hit of the evening and leave your guests wanting more.

This fun and interactive pop of entertainment will add life to your next corporate event, convention, or seminar by including a classic arcade game or game show experience to your party. Complete with trivia competitions and mental challenges, these games are guaranteed to bring out the creative and competitive spirit in your guests. Give them an experience that will energize the event and keep them happy and productive all year long.

Set the stage with a sizzle when you hire one of our beautiful greeters or look-a-likes to welcome guests to your event. No matter what theme you've chosen for your social or corporate occasion, we have a lavishly-costumed greeter that is perfect for the party. They are gracious, friendly, and help to invite your guests to experience the richness of your presentation.

When that special occasion calls for “high-gloss notoriety," let your imagination be the key that opens the door to an outstanding, successful event. Name Acts, whether a musical act, comedian, or any one of our unique and memorable novelty acts, bring a distinction that puts your program in a “star-studded” performance arena. Your guests will take the memory of these performances with them long after the entertainers have returned home.

We offer a variety of talented entertainers who will make any holiday event you have just a little more authentic. Whether you need to satisfy the children in your life or just the child within all of us, we have Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and other unique characters that can help your holiday party shine.

Our impersonators are humorous, memorable and talented enough to have your audience wanting more. Whether you need that special something for a birthday, anniversary or corporate event, these entertainers are sure to please.

Give your guests an evening to remember with one of our outstanding jugglers. These talented performers are stand outs in their entertainment genre and sure to leave your guests with an outrageously fun experience.

Bring the drama and passion of the great masters with these talented opera singers. They are equally gifted as a cappela voices or with piano accompaniment. Whether your theme is Viennese Masquerade, or you simply need the sophistication of opera as your guests enter your event, this is the perfect addition.

Provide your guests with something truly unique when you hire photographic services to ornament a themed corporate event, party, or anniversary. You can augment your evening and entertain your guests.

This high-energy, breath-taking act is both exhilarating and unique. You may have seen these roller skaters on America's Got Talent or the Ellen Show, but seeing them in person is a sight to behold. Energize and excite your group with this fabulous skating duo as an icebreaker or main stage act.

Stilt walkers are a unique entertainment option that can bring an exhilarating edge to your event. These highly trained professionals are truly larger-than-life and ready to make your party really pop.

Enhance your next event with Tattooing. Our artists use only the finest products and the tattoos last one to two days with some TLC. Many themes are augmented with Tattoos, especially Mardi Gras and Renaissance. Your corporate guests engage in the festivities, watching their associates, while they anxiously wait for their turn. And all ages love the art of tattooing, as it is a great ice breaker for teen parties, and we guarantee it comes off!