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The Best in Talent for Virtual Events in Arizona

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Make your next virtual event one that will educate and entertain with unique, inspiring talent. Whether live or pre-recorded, we have several entertainment offerings that will inspire your attendees and make your virtual meeting one to remember. Whether magicians, comedians, musicians, or other customized options, we can bring the life to your next virtual event.

This great band can bring country rock right into your virtual meeting. Their charismatic personalities jump through the screen to rock your attendees and shake things up. They can play just about anything, from Hank Williams to Pink Floyd to their original written songs and take requests. They fit the protocol for kickoffs, intermediate breaks, and closing out with a rebel rousing finish that will leave your group refreshed and renewed.

Kick off your meeting with this exciting, energetic LED drum line. These talented musicians are the perfect way to set an enthusiastic tone, wake up your attendees, and personalize the event to your company. They will ignite your imagination and prepare everyone for a fun, productive meeting.

This versatile singer can impersonate such classic performers as Neil Diamond, Sammy Davis Jr., and the king himself, Elvis. He is able to personalize his performance to your company. His energy and personality are a fantastic way to entertain your attendees during your closing events, or simply provide a pop of talent to say thank you to your team members for their hard work.

This enchanting display of entertainment allows your attendees to witness a beautiful LED Glow in the dark dance performance, using hula hoops and illuminated materials. A pop of pure excitement, this addition to your virtual meeting will captivate, energize, and entertain your team members. It's the perfect way to gain the attention of your attendees after short breaks.

Your guests will be delighted with the sleight of hand presented by this fun and captivating magician. Whether he provides a two-minute trick as a return from a break, or joins your meeting live for a slightly longer set, he will motivate and re-energize your attendees.