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Salsa Band

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photo of a Latin Band

This band is very diverse, in that they not only play salsa and Latino music, but cross over into Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues and current and commercial material. They are fun, interactive and a real crowd pleaser.

  • Latin Band Vocal Sample #1
  • Latin Band Vocal Sample #2
  • Ain't It Funny
  • Black Magic Woman
  • Coml La Flor
  • Complicated
  • Conga
  • Day-O
  • Dsevelado
  • Hungry Heart
  • I Need to Know
  • I Will Survive
  • If You Had My Love
  • La Mucura
  • Last Dance
  • Margaritaville
  • Oye Coma Va
  • Quiero Saber
  • Ran Can Can
  • Salsa Party
  • Si Lo quieres
  • Too Close
  • Torn
  • Turn the Beat Around
  • Volare
  • Volcano
  • Waiting For Tonight
  • You And I